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Welcome to Akita Inu Pedigree

* * We currently have 25706 dogs in the database and 4228 registered users! * *

! ! !I M P O R T A N T ! ! !

AKITAPEDIGREE.COM IS “HIRING” and looking for skilled people in the field of coding and design!

Known by Akita lovers from over the world, AKITAPEDIGREE.COM brings information together of this breed we all adore so much. For the last 4 years it has gathered the pedigrees of over 18,000 akita and almost 2500 registered users.
Monthly around 20.000 people around the world visit the site which speaks about the popularity that the site has.

Though its use and benefits to those owning & breeding have been more than clear, the site has so much more potential. This has brought us to our wish to “up the game” and bring the world a 2.0 version of the site.
The new and improved edition of AKITAPEDIGREE.COM is to have improved coding & design, whereas also offer new functionality to its users in things like COI calculation and a dedicated health page and articles related to important Akita news.

Are you interested in joining the team in our wish to give the world an even better version of AKITAPEDIGREE.COM? Please send us a message at davor.ivic@windowslive.com, send a message over facebook or comment on our facebook page.

- strong knowledge in Coding (PHP, SQL)
- strong knowledge in Graphic Design

We are always open for suggestions and ideas related to the site.

A new feature has been added to akitapedigree.com, from now it is possible to advertise your litters on the site!!!
Litter page has been added instead of Standard page with the goal to have as many as possible litter information at one place.

To maintain correctness of the database please follow these instructions:
When adding dogs always double check if a dog is already entered.
Some dogs are sometimes just written differently, for example;
-Hidemaru Go Houjuen-
-Hide Marou Go Houyu En-

If a dog has an akiho pedigree number always put the akiho number!!!

We have many unconfirmed registrations
so if you have problems with registration or log in feel free to contact me!!!

follow akitapedigree.com and give your suggestions on our
facebook group

For any questions or problem dont hesitate to contact me over

We are trying to collect information about Akita Inu from all over the world. The website and database is intended for the community of Akita Inu lovers worldwide who we hope will help us gather as much information as possible.

Our focus is on Akita Inu pedigrees and we would appreciate it to also host Akita Inu pedigrees reaching back to the very beginning of Akita Inu breeding. You can start exploring the website by following one of these links:

Newest Entries - here you find the newest entries and latest updates of existing entries

Search Dogs - use our search form to look for dogs fulfilling your search criteria

Browse Dogs - browse through all dogs available in our database


  We hope you will enjoy your visit on Akita Inu Pedigree