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Known by Akita lovers from over the world, AKITAPEDIGREE brings information together of this breed we all adore so much. For the last 9 years it has gathered the pedigrees of 41933 akitas, and has 7150 registered users!. Monthly around 20.000 people around the world visit the site which speaks about the popularity that the site has. We are trying to collect information about Akita Inu from all over the world. The website and database is intended for the community of Akita Inu lovers worldwide who we hope will help us gather as much information as possible.

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Site Updates

13.07.2020. - "OK" button disabled if the radio button "I have checked that „xx“ is not one of the above dogs" is not selected.

13.07.2020. - The words "akita" and "kensha" are excluded in the duplicate check up list when adding new dog.

09.03.2020. - Cookie consent and info added to the site.

03.03.2020. - fixed error when searching dog by land of standing.

23.02.2020. - added option to search dogs by years 202x, 2019 - 2015, 2014 - 2010 and 201x.

22.02.2020. - alphabetical filter added on browse dogs page.

22.02.2020. - showing current year in copyright.

22.02.2020. - fixed problem on small screen not showing litter page, health page, my profile page and members page.

22.02.2020. - Index update: showing now live number of ammount of entered dogs and registered users.

11.03.2018. - AKITAPEDIGREE.com v2 released.

11.03.2018. - Health and Litter page added (still in progress).



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